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Oversight & Guidance


Our work includes leading statewide oversight efforts to ensure network improvements, addressing corrective actions, and work to achieve high-quality 2-1-1 services. As a funder and collaborative partner, we designate and undesignated the 2-1-1 number, monitor 2-1-1 activity, and monitor community data and trends across Illinois.

211 Illinois is actively working to achieve both our strategic plan and network plans. This includes reaching our goal of reaching 100% coverage of 2-1-1 services in Illinois.

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We provide technical support to the 211 Illinois Statewide Network around accreditation, standards, and best practices. We invest in training and education around 2-1-1 and contact center best practices. We work collaboratively on service alignment, standardization, and continuity of 2-1-1 services. We achieve this by working collaboratively to improve the quality of services and create a more consistent client experience across Illinois.

211 Illinois hosts monthly network meetings to support 2-1-1 staff skill and service improvement. We also publish guides to support knowledge and skill improvement for our network and funding partners like United Way, Health Departments, and local elected officials.

If you are interested in learning more about our oversight and guidance, please complete our partner form and we will be in touch.