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Data Care-ation (Curation)

Curating Local Data for You!

Private and public partners are often interested in partnering with the 211 Illinois Statewide Network around sharing data. 211 Illinois coordinates statewide data curation and subscription services of 2-1-1 resource directory services. We call this Data Care-ation!

211 Illinois has gathered and combined all the resource directory agency and program across Illinois into a single centralized portal. Our network has more than 14,500 partner organizations in our resource directory. This data is available to private and public partners and data curation services are available for a fee.

Data Care-ation Services

211 Illinois Statewide Network will not provide a resource directory data subscription without purchasing data curation services. Maintaining the resource directory data takes ongoing work from our statewide partners to ensure you have the most current information for your needs.

Our data curation team gathers and updates information from each 2-1-1 contact center and sends that to our centralized system that feeds your data subscription. Regardless of the method you choose for resource directory data subscription, our partners will keep your data up to date ongoing with your resource directory data subscription.

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Resource Directory Subscription

211 Illinois Statewide Network can provide a Resource Directory Subscription to private and public partners who purchase data curation services. No data is provided without purchasing Data Curation Services. We have several integration options as noted and outlined below.

Resource Directory API Subscription

The Resource Directory API Subscription is data subscription to the 211 Illinois Statewide Resource Directory for integration into other select technology systems. 211 Illinois will provide a key for use in your internal systems. This is an annual subscription that will expire when the subscription expires.

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Resource Directory Portal Subscription

The Resource Directory Portal Subscription is a white-labeled portal branded with 211 & partner (your) project brand. This will be a replicate of our Resource Directory Portal with your brand and requested data set.

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If you are interested in our data curation services or resource directory data subscription, please complete our partner form and we will be in touch.